Decadent chocolate cake with chocolate chips, crowned with our distinctive chocolate icing and dark chocolate drizzle. The ultimate indulgence for any chocoholic!

 ​​28 ounces of chocolaty goodness! 

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Buttery and chocolaty cake in a marble swirl, topped with chocolate chips, butter vanilla streusel and powdered sugar.

24 ounces of scrumptiousness!

Old Fashioned sour cream coffee cake layered with cinnamon schmear and topped with cinnamon streusel and powdered sugar.  A wonderful classic!

24 ounces of an old fashioned classic!

Classic carrot cake topped with cream cheese streusel and elegantly drizzled with our signature cream cheese icing.

24 ounces of carrot cake to love!

Buttery vanilla cake, crowned with our distinctive vanilla icing and white drizzle. A comforting and creamy vanilla cake classic, wonderful inside and out!

28 ounces of buttery vanilla sweetness!

A delightful banana cake baked with chocolate chips, topped with our cinnamon streusel and dark chocolate drizzle.  A wonderful way to enjoy a classic flavor combination!

24 ounces of banana & chocolate deliciousness!